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It takes courage to stage a public disruption or act of civil disobedience, but often that is the only type of work the public might see. The harder work is that which occurs before and after public acts of protest. It also takes tenacity to do all of this work without being bought by political machines or donors. Moreover, we are not affiliated with a political party.

Our work is not funded or driven by any political party nor is it influenced by local or national candidates. That's why activists might disrupt a presidential contender's speech, even if they might suffer reproach by those who also claim that BlackLivesMatter. In the network, there is space for differences of opinion and space for celebration and continued learning. The work can only be effective, however, if the tactics and strategies activists employ are organized around a shared vision and set of outcomes. Movements need moments like the demonstration Saturday as a reminder of this need for focus.

And ultimately, black America needs a movement for black lives. The question we must collectively respond to, however, is, what type of world do we want moving forward? By Darnell L. Getting what you need: How reputation and status affect team performance, hiring, and salaries in the NBA. Academy of Management Journal, 56 , — Forbes, D. Cognition and corporate governance: Understanding boards of directors as strategic decision-making groups. Academy of Management Review, 24 , — Freeman, R. Strategic management: A stakeholder approach.

Boston: Pitman.

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The stakeholder approach revisited. Stakeholder theory: The state of the art.

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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Gioia, D. Practicability, paradigms, and problems in stakeholder theorizing.

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Managing for stakeholders, stakeholder utility functions, and competitive advantage.

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    Seeing is a matter of experience: Visual perception for faces, letters similar

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    But remembering a name requires recall , a different system entirely. The findings were recently published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. To test which was more memorable in a fairer environment, the researchers showed participants images of strangers, together with their names. They also tested with names in the same or different fonts.