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September 15, Yeats, Joyce, Beckett She also talks about why a liberal arts college like Holy Cross provides such a good incubator for innovative research in the humanities — and how we must work to keep it that way. April 13, Socrates among Strangers — Joseph Lawrence, professor of philosophy, explores three questions: 1 Can Socrates' famous battle against sophism truly be transformed into a battle with the contemporary cult of scholarly expertise?

February 1, Building Trustful Relationships in Urban Schools — Utilizing her book "Educating the Urban Race" Lexington, , Ericka Fisher, associate professor of education, discusses the complexities of urban public schools and the importance of relationships as a cornerstone of student engagement and achievement. Left to its own devices the cell ultimately loses that battle. However research has uncovered points of interaction between the cell and HIV that can be and have been successfully exploited for chemotherapeutic intervention.

November 9, Dr. The talk includes demonstrations of algorithmic pre-composition tools, digital sound synthesis, and live signal modification of amplified orchestral instruments.

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He highlights what economics can add to understanding why violent conflicts break out, but also the necessity for perspectives from multiple disciplines to be brought to bear in understanding conflict and its prevention. April 14, Leo Strauss on the Borders of Judaism, Philosophy and History — Jeffrey Bernstein, associate professor of philosophy, talks about his forthcoming book exploring how the thought of Leo Strauss amounts to a model for thinking about the connection between philosophy, Jewish thought, and history. March 16, Poverty, Environmental Degradation, and Catholic Theology — Matthew Eggemeier, assistant professor of religious studies, discusses theological responses to the dual crises of global poverty and environmental degradation by drawing on the sacramental and prophetic resources of the Catholic tradition.

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February 25, 'Forget me not:' narrative marginalization in the making of Alzheimer's patients — Renee Beard, associate professor of sociology, draws on a sociological lens to explore what Alzheimer's means to seniors who are currently being diagnosed with the condition in American memory clinics. November 19, Revisioning Talmud Study: When a Religious Treasure Hit the Secular University — Alan Avery-Peck, professor of religious studies and Kraft-Hiatt Professor of Judaic Studies, discusses the arc of his scholarly career, focusing on the emergence and development of the still relatively new field of the university study of Judaism.

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His research focuses on the grief, depression, and psychological responses to uncontrollable stress in later life. October 28, Peptides: Small Pieces of the Protein Puzzle - Sarah Petty, associate professor of chemistry, specializes in biophysical chemistry. Her current research studies protein molecules and the complex process by which they fold, or misfold, into three-dimensional structures to function.

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September 24, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? What happened when a wife or a slave converted to Christianity and the rest of the household did not? Johnson Hodge explores the evidence for this dynamic and examines how Christians introduced their new religion into the traditional practices of the Roman household. April 10, Life and Work From Beijing to Holy Cross to Hanoi and Home - Karen Turner, professor of history, discusses the arc of her scholarly career and how serendipity has often influenced her life's course. Visit Seller's Storefront.

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Payment Methods accepted by seller. Fortunately, Pilgrim Faith is attracting some new members, and my family, which started going there four years ago, was like just about all of them: coming from the local, dominant Catholic faith, and deciding that we and our families would rather have some church affiliation than leave organized religion entirely.

I'm involved in church publicity through helping maintain our Facebook and Twitter presences, and I'm involved in youth sports through this site and my involvement as a parent and coach. I've learned from following others through social media that churches need to do a better job of marketing themselves.

I've also learned that the likes of Dick's Sporting Goods and Chevrolet see youth sports as an effective advertising medium. Before I brought the idea to our church council, I wanted assurance from Oak Lawn Baseball and Softball that, one, there was no ban on religious organizations providing sponsorship. It said there was none.

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Then I wanted assurance that on players' uniforms, where the sponsor name and phone number goes, I wanted the phone number replaced with our web address , my thought being, there are going to be a lot of parents checking us out on their smartphones if for no other reason than to kill time during another two-hour T-ball game.

I was told we could. The other assurance I wanted was that Pilgrim Faith could sponsor my two daughters' teams, my thought being that either my wife or myself could be there to talk about the church or answer any questions something that has happened at games before.

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And then the church council said, let's do it. Our pastor promised to show up for some games to say hello. We figured that the sponsorship would let more people know about our commitment to serve the surrounding community. And we hoped we could get a few members out of it to allow us to have more resources to serve the surrounding community. Mainly, our target audience would be people who were like a lot of our newer members -- dissatisfied with their churches, but not willing to give up on organized religion as a way to express and live their faith, and influence how they passed it on to their families.

Second, when you're dealing with all-volunteer organizations, sometimes things don't go as planned, for better or worse. Unfortunately, my daughters' teams weren't among them, for some unknown reason.

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Also, because of renovations to the main field, our promised sign never materialized. The people at the league were more than helpful and gracious about all of this, and surely it wouldn't have helped our reputation as a church for me to go on some profanity-laced tirade against them. We got our name in front of, I would estimate, about 6, sets of eyeballs figuring five teams, playing 15 games each, with about 75 players, coaches, parents, friends and relatives at each game for one to two hours straight at a time.