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A s gumshoe named Jake Jack Nicholson sticks his nose into a sordid mess over Los Angeles land and water. Return to Book Page. Preview — Secrets of the Dead by Carol Wyer. Three murders. Three innocent victims. What secrets did they share with their killer? A bottle of bubble bath and colourful, plastic boats were scattered in small puddles on the floor. In the bathtub lay Linda Upton, fully-clothed, her lips a shade of blue, and her bloodshot eyes wide open. She recognises the signs of a serial killer, and when a second victim with a receipt is found, her worst fears are confirmed.

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With the local press whipping the public into a frenzy, Robyn is under pressure to solve the crime yesterday. Just when her leads have dried up, Robyn discovers an unsettling clue she thinks could unlock the case.

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The press call him The Leopard for his stealth, speed and brutality. A heart-pounding, toe-curling, one-sitting serial killer thriller that will hook you from the first page till the last. What readers are saying about the Detective Robyn Carter series: ' What a page-turner! My head was spinning from the first page to the last. Five Stars! It is a very cleverly crafted thriller which leaves no loose ends.

Five stars! I couldn't put it down , I was engaged right through to the end of the book. A solid 5 out of 5. It was that suspenseful.

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What a book! I am absolutely blown away! This was like a merry-go-round Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details DI Robyn Carter 2. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Secrets of the Dead , please sign up. See 1 question about Secrets of the Dead…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 15, Sue rated it it was amazing Shelves: net-galley , kindle-paperwhite , bookouture , serial-killer , thriller , part-of-series , book Having really enjoyed the debut, Little Girl Lost, I was very anxious to read the second book in the series. WOW…another winner, and I liked it more than the first novel.

These books in the series keep getting better! It appears he had a heart attack in the sauna. CCTV cameras show him entering the sauna at P. Alone and no one shows in the camera all night. The cleaner found him early in the morning. Awaiting autopsy report…alcohol in system? She recognizes the signs of a serial killer, and when a second victim with a receipt is found, her worst fears are confirmed.

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Is there a serial killer stalking all these victims? And is there a connection between the victims? With the local press buzzing around, Robyn is under pressure to solve the crime yesterday. The killer was always one step ahead of them and they had no idea who he was! But then Robyn discovers an unsettling clue she thinks could unlock the case. Robyn is a strong female protagonist, dedicated to her job and team. She has been through some tough times but bounces back and moves on with her life. View all 41 comments. Well-written and twisted. So what keeps it from becoming a five star book for me?

Though I enjoyed the storyline, I had a hard time keeping track of the large cast of characters and had to look back, especially after picking the book up again after taking a break. I do really like Robyn Carter, and would love more details about her life and to get to know her a little better. I'm a study in opposites! Very much looking forward to the continuation of this series. Victims are starting to pile up. Though it seems they didn't know each other, they have at least one thing in common: some kind of debt to be paid.

They're each found clutching a receipt that teases it was time to pay up They've left behind broken family members and a tense public, thanks to a determined reporter who's somehow come across details about the case. Pressured at work, by the media, and by herself, Robyn and her co-workers race to put together a puzzle that seems to refuse to be solved.

Will she figure out how the pieces fit together before more die? This killer strikes quickly, leaving them little time between murders to try to figure out his next step. The man the fearful media and public is calling the Lichfield Leopard seems to travel through shadows to come out of nowhere. My review is honest and unbiased. View all 7 comments. Thank you to net galley, the publishers and of course the author Carol. Another great book, nearly to the same high standards at the first. The sauna is set to a very high temperature, much higher than for normal usage and Robyn suspects immediately that there may be foul play involved.

Is this suicide or not? A bottle Thank you to net galley, the publishers and of course the author Carol. I think as we read further books we will get to know her team even better, as they work so hard alongside their leader Robyn.

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DI Robyn Carter is a character you just like so much a dedicated policewoman, a great character. A four star book from me. View 2 comments. I'm glad to report that it did. The manager of a hotel is found burnt and dead in the hotels sauna having been there overnight. The sauna is set to a very high temperature, much much higher than for normal usage and Robyn suspects immediately that there may be foul play involved.

When it's discovered that the manager suffered with a heart condition that could easily be fatal in the likes of a high temperature sauna the death is ruled as accidental but Robyn isn't convinced. A young mother is found drowned in her bath. There are signs of struggle downstairs, in the bedroom and in the bathroom.

There is a note left beside the body. As more bodies turn up with similar invoices attached it becomes clear they have a serial killer on their hands, but what are his motives and what do the invoices mean? What have the victims got in common as it is obvious they are being targeted and not selected at random? As said in my opening, I really enjoyed Little Girl Lost and was surprised to hear that it was Carol Wyers first crime novel.

It had the confidence in writing and story that you would associate with a veteran of the genre. Secrets Of The Dead continues with this and makes this now one of the more exciting series of female detectives series currently out there and lets face it there are plenty to choose from Robyn is a really strong central character who I immediately liked in the first book and she continues to develope here just as strongly. Love her cousin the private detective too, who is another strong character but also a great tool and plot device to get things moving along.

The story here is really well told. I was sucked in from the first chapter and it held me until the last page. The pacing was excellent. Our killer is a fantastically bonkers character just on the right side of bonkers to remain believable and disturbing rather than being a cartoon character. Some genuinely chilling moments from said killer. If you enjoy this genre then you are missing a trick if you aren't reading this series.

These books are so much fun to read despite the dark subject matter. We have a great lead in Robyn and a string team around her and both stories so far have been fantastically structured, paced and well told and well, are just bloody incredibly enjoyable to read. View all 6 comments.

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All of my reviews can be found on www. Not only is she an extremely talented romantic comedy writer, this second foray into a different genre has firmly cemented her place as a dominant force as a thriller author, what a multitalented woman. When she begins working a case where the victims are all found with a receipt that says, debts paid, she knows she is looking for a killer hell bent on revenge.

I instantly connected with Robyn the first time around and this time as I learned more about her past, especially her time with Davies, I saw a softer, gentler side to her that appealed to me. The rest of her team is also interesting, I have a soft spot for Anna and Matt and the group dynamics were detailed more this time around. One of the things that impressed me so much in the first book was the way Wyer took so many unrelated plot threads and managed to merge them all together in a stunning way.

Secrets of the Dead was plotted in the same meticulous manner and featured a large, diverse cast of characters making it very difficult for me to pinpoint who the killer really was. It also had the same fast and furious pacing with short chapters of the kind that keep you turning pages long into the night. It stays mostly in the present day with only a smattering of chapters told from the killers perspective via flashbacks. This was clever as it drew me in even deeper, steadily stringing me along as I was so interested in finding out what this persons true motivations were.

It kept me on my toes and gave the book an edgy, suspenseful vibe that I liked. Wyer raised the stakes with this book, Robyn is the type of strong lead character that can easily carry a series and the more I read about her, the more I like her. This is another winner for me and Wyer just needs to write faster so I can keep reading more about Robyn and team.

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Carol Wyer really CAN serve up a first rate crime thriller and continue to do so! Secrets of the Dead follows on from the success of Little Girl Lost which I reviewed a few weeks ago. I loved it and was so desperate to read the next in the series that I had to read it as soon as I received my copy!

Although this case is a standalone storyline for DI Robyn Carter, I would probably advise that you will get the most out of her cha Wow! Although this case is a standalone storyline for DI Robyn Carter, I would probably advise that you will get the most out of her character and past if you read these books in the order they were released. I do think Carol Wyer has a very warped mind to have come up with the plot for this one.

A series of murders seem to be linked in someway although the methods of dispatch for the victims varies depending on who they are. The notes found on them points to one murderer but what is their motive? And how are they linked? I found the most chilling chapters here were those where I had to go inside the mind of a killer.

I think I was shocked how ridiculously easy his thoughts gathered momentum from one seemingly unrelated encounter. Again, this made the crimes involved seem convincingly realistic and therefore scared the hell out of me! This book can be read as a standalone but I would highly recommend you read both books in the series just because they are both so damn good.

Secrets Of The Dead reminded me very much of a classic whodunnit where the body count rises at an alarming rate and you are never quite sure who the next victims going to be. As to the Killer I did feel some sympathy towards them, talk about damaged! They really did have major issues, especially as you learnt more about their reasons for killing, and how it all began. The author depicts how stalking and obsession can begin, an innocent comment, a chance meeting can soon become something very dark and sinister.

By dedicating chapters to the killer the author shows how an innocent first meeting can become an all consuming obsession, which made for a spine chilling read. In that novel we were introduced to DI Robyn Carter, shattered by the death of her beloved husband Davies yet determined to prove herself able to lead her team of detectives and solve a complex case. Secrets of the Dead can be read as a standalone novel but I highly recommend reading the first book in the series to appreciate how much Robyn has grown as an investigator.

This second novel opens in dramatic fashion. When a woman turns up dead in a bathtub with obvious signs of trauma and a note indicating her debt had been paid in full, Carter gets to work solving what turns out to be the first of several related murders. Once again we have a fast paced thriller and an excellent cast of detectives working to solve another challenging case.

Wyer gives us enough backstory on each victim to care about their lives and mourn their deaths, hoping that Carter can stop this killer before more senseless killing can occur. I loved seeing how much more focused Robyn is in this second novel of the series. I liked that she is no longer reacting but acting on leads provided to her by her team. Her relationship and reliance on her cousin Ross to ferret out information she might not otherwise obtain by legal means adds another avenue to helping her hunt down killers.

Looking forward to more Robyn Carter mysteries in the future.